What we do

Shisha tobacco

In Zimbabwe, we are pioneering Shisha tobacco growing, introducing a new seed and cultivation method characterised by lower nicotine content, higher sugar levels, and increased efficiency. 

Leaf tobacco

Cavendish Lloyd can supply all qualities of leaf tobacco from FCV, Burley and oriental crops from around the major tobacco supplying countries in the world to suit your blend requirement’s.

Cut rag

Cavendish Lloyd can create your Cut Rag Blend requirements both out of Zimbabwe and the UAE, perfected to your personal tastes and flavours and  we can export to your market destinations.

ZARK Cigarettes

We established Zark cigarettes in 2016 in Zimbabwe, as we felt that a country that is producing one of the best tobacco crops in the World also deserved a World class cigarette.

Zark Dark Toasted is a top grade American blend cigarette which delivers a measured nicotine kick, without any throat irritation.

Zark Zap Menthol delivers 100% natural Virginia blend with a modern unique switch menthol capsule. Our Zark brands continue to grow in Zimbabwe and beyond..

NARGIZ Cigarettes

In 2012 we established ourselves in Iraq by producing and successfully launching three variants of the Nargiz American blend cigarettes. Through our Non tobacco materials division and our team of expert blenders we were able to invest in superior packaging and our customers have come to appreciate our natural tobacco blends without any artificial additives.


We have all NTM to produce your cigarettes…