Cigarette Paper

Cigarette paper is a kind of thin-sheet paper specially used for wrapping shredded tobacco and making cigarettes. Cigarette paper is an important material for cigarettes. From the perspective of the appearance of cigarettes, cigarette paper plays the role of wrapping tobacco cut-rag; as well as cigarette paper has an important effect for smoldering properties, burning speed, cigarette taste, cigarette appearance and smoke chemical composition.The main raw material of cigarette paper are bleached wood pulp and hemp pulp, which are compact, soft and delicate, with rib mark on the paper (graphics and text formed by the watermark roller on the machine or the dry press roller outside the machine with a certain regular pattern) to increase air permeability and Improve appearance, has higher longitudinal tensile strength and suitable burning speed. Cigarette paper length are generally: 4000m, 5000m, 6000m; its width are mainly three types: king size (26.5mm-27.5mm), medium size (20.5mm-22mm), super slim (17.5mm-19mm)