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Call for Shisha growers

September 2023

Cavendish Lloyd is a world wide group of companies in the tobacco industry. It has been fully registered and licensed as a shisha merchant by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) in Zimbabwe.

After successful variety and agronomic trials conducted by TRB since 2021 and first season commercial crop in the 2022/23 which was a success and supervised by TIMB, the company now seeks to engage tobacco growers for the coming 2023-2024 season.

The growers are expected to have the following attributes:

  • Fully registered with TIMB
  • Must have production records for the last 3 years
  • Able to grow and have the facilities to handle atleast 5 hectares
  • Located in the slower-growing areas (Goromonzi Marondera, Macheke, Headlands and Rusape)
  • Able to fund their operational cost from land preparation, planting, and fertilization up to first reaping

In turn, Cavendish Lloyd will provide:

  • Shisha seedlings and agronomic services
  • Funding after the first reap until the sales of the crop
  • Guaranteed off-take of everything

The company is therefore looking for adventurous, experienced and dedicated growers that seek to maximize their production by growing a highly profitable but yet low cost shisha style tobacco.

What we do

  • In 2012 we established ourselves in Iraq by producing and successfully launching three variants of the Nargiz American blend cigarettes. Through our non tobacco materials division and our team of expert blenders we were able to invest in superior packaging and our customers have come to appreciate our natural tobacco...

  • U.A.E. Cut Rag blend Grade - CBL-21 Year - 2021 FCV Blend NIC - 2.35% SUG - 13.75% KGS - 99,000

  • Crop - 2020 Origin - Zambia Type - FCV TT Sugar - 15.20% Nicotine - 2.75%

  • We established Zark cigarettes in 2016 in Zimbabwe, as we felt that a country that is producing one of the best tobacco crops in the World also deserved a World class cigarette.

  • Filter Rods are used for filtered cigarette products. Their  function is to filter/reduce the content of tar and nicotine in the cigarette. The main raw material that we use is Cellulose Acetate or better known as Acetate Tow.

  • Cigarette inner frame paper is a packaging material that is processed by printing, laminating, and transfer, using paper and transfer film as the base material. It is mainly used to support and locate in the cigarette hard pack frame. The strength and stability of cigarette packaging are key elements of...

  • Plug wrap paper is used as a filtration material (i.e., filter tow and plasticizer), which wraps the outer layer of the cigarette filter plug, while a tipping paper holds the filter to the cigarette rod. We can supply a wide range of plug wrap papers, starting from 24 gsm up...

  • The functionality of cigarette aluminum foil paper includes aroma preservation, packaging adaptability and anti-counterfeiting.Preservative and moisturizing is the most basic attribute to determine whether the inner liner is qualified. The specific performance is that it can block the ingress and egress of moisture and aroma. At present, according to the...

  • BOPP is the abbreviation of "Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene", which is biaxially stretched polypropylene film. BOPP film is a functional film product that uses BOPP as the base material, coated with acrylic glue on one side and laminated with a release film (single-layer non-laminated release film).

  • Cigarette paper is a kind of thin-sheet paper specially used for wrapping shredded tobacco and making cigarettes. Cigarette paper is an important material for cigarettes. From the perspective of the appearance of cigarettes, cigarette paper plays the role of wrapping tobacco cut-rag; as well as cigarette paper has an important...

  • Tear tape, also known as tear-strip or tear-off ribbon, is a narrow adhesive tape used to open packaging. Tear Tape can be produced by different materials, Our range includes tear tapes of PET, BOPP, OPP, MOPP etc., self- adhesive tear tapes and tear tapes for hot melt application. The self-adhesive...

  • Tipping paper is an ornamental paper obtained by printing and coating the tipping paper and other processing methods, and has the effect of improving the appearance of cigarettes. Now, the perforated tipping paper and the high permeable paper also have the effect of reducing nicotine and tar levels. In addition,...